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Heart On Ice Due To Wilson Family Tensions

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Heart’s Ann and Nancy Wilson decided to take some time off from each other this summer, in large part to a pretty ugly family incident that went public last summer. Ann Wilson’s husband Dean Stuart Wetter was arrested following Heart’s August 26th show in Auburn, Washington, after he allegedly assaulted his nephews — the twin 16-year-old sons of Wilson’s sister and Heart bandmate Nancy Wilson and ex-husband Cameron Crowe. According to the story, the two teens asked to look in Ann’s new tour bus, and Wetter allowed them to but told them to remember to mind the dogs and close the door on their way out.

Last summer, The Seattle Times quoted court reports, which stated that after the boys left and didn’t close the tour bus door: “Wetter allegedly started calling them names, and slapped one of the boys in the back of the head. He then punched him in the head with a closed fist, ‘causing him to see stars’ and grabbed him around the throat. . . When the other boy tried to help, Wetter grabbed him by the throat ‘and squeezed to the point that he could not breathe for about five seconds before letting go’ The boy complained of a sore throat, pain and ‘fear of dying.'” Wetter was subsequently arrested and was freed on $10,000 bail. Ann Wilson and Wetter married in 2015.

Nancy, who recently released the first single from her new side band, Roadcase Royale, will be appearing at an upcoming Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp this summer in L.A. She admitted to us that she really wanted to be spending all summer on the road with Heart: “From the time Ann started to split off a little bit, I was trying to get this summer to be, kinda, ‘The summer of Heart,’ where we do the festivals and the Europe run — but she was on her different path, so, y’know. . . Y’know, right now, I’m hoping for Heart to come back and I’ve got my fingers crossed for that. But for this summer, I’m just thrilled to be doing this.”

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