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Hearings Next Week on County Budget, Tax Cap Override, Solar Project & Tobacco Laws

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The Cortland County Legislature will meet for its full October session on Thursday (October 24) beginning with six separate public hearings scheduled before the official agenda opens.

Topics that will be covered  include the proposals to increase the county’s constitutional tax limit (CTL) percentage from 1.5% to 2% and override the state tax levy limit to impose a 7% levy increase for 2020.

Hearings will also be held on the county landfill solar project, as well as the potential new tobacco restrictions.

The public can also weigh-in on the legislature’s consideration of including a “property tax collection fee” the city charges the county into the county tax bills of city residents.

Additionally, a public hearing will be held on the adoption of the 2020 tentative budget.

No changes have been made to a $142,839,266.54 working budget released by Chairman Whitney, which would increase spending by 5.68% over 2019. The average County tax rate would be $16.33, which is a 6.25% increase over the 2019 rate.

The proposed budget also calls for the use of $518,143.36 in unappropriated funds in order to balance and finally close a $2.4M rolling year-to-year deficit.

This represents an increase of $30.5M in projected County sales tax collections over 2019.

Thursday night’s meeting begins at 6:00.

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