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Gov. Cuomo Rolling Out $20 Million County Consolidation Competition

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Gov. Andrew Cuomo has rolled out another of his competitive gimmicks to push for consolidation among local governments. The governor is offering a $20 million dollar carrot to lure county and local governments to consolidate operations.

The proposal offers incentives for local governments in New York to come up with the best consolidation plan to streamline services and cost cuts.

The winner of the competition would get $20 million to implement its plan, which would have to show a permanent cut to the property tax levy.

Overall, Cuomo plans to announce $70 million for consolidation efforts in New York.

Cuomo says the thousands of taxing entities in New York are making the state less competitive.

The plan follows Cuomo’s push to cap taxes and offer taxpayer rebates to communities where Towns, Villages, City’s and School Districts created efficiency plans to share or streamline services.

Meanwhile local governments are struggling to provide services and stay under the ever shrinking tax cap, they continue to call on the state for more relief from unfunded mandates.

Cuomo plans to announce the competition in advance of his budget proposal and State of the State address next Wednesday.

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