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Go Vote! Election Day Delivers A Few Contested Races

Local News

This is Election Day and polls are open until 9 pm.

Here in Cortland County, several seats on the County Legislature will be decided:

  • District 7 between Democrat Gerry Riter and Republican Ann Homer.
  • Scott Supervisor Kevin Fitch is trying to win a write-in campaign in the 8th District against incumbent Republican Donnell Boyden.
  • Incumbent Gordon Wheelock is fighting to keep his 10th District seat on the Have A Voice party line, against Kelly Preston.
  • In the 12th District Michael Barylski hopes to unseat Joseph Steinhoff, Jr.
  • Kevin Whitney is challenged by Richard Woodrome in the 13th district.
  • Majority Leader Charles Sudbrink is in a race against Joshua Kisner in the 17th District.

This Election Day City of Cortland races include two of the eight wards:

  • Incumbent Carlos Ferrer against Penny Hughes in the 6th Ward
  • Troy Beckwith challenging Adam McGivern in the 7th Ward

Voters in Cortlandville will decide:

  • Town Court judge between candidates Lenore LaFevre and Robert DeMarco
  • Four candidates seek two open town council seats: Democrats Doug Withey and Danny Devlin, and Republicans Greg Leach and John Reynolds. Leach is the incumbent
  • Cortlandville voters must decide a proposition to make the Town Highway Superintendent an appointed (not elected) position, to take effect on January 1, 2020.

Dryden residents will choose:

  • Jason Leifer and Bruno Schnickel are running for Town Supervisor
  • Four candidates are vying for two town council seats: Don Scutt, Joseph Osmeloski, Dan Lamb and Kathy Servoss
  • One county legislative District (14) is contested: Nathan Busby against incumbent Michael Lane

The top of the ticket is one race to follow in Freetown:

  • Lisa Grinnell and Robert Stewart hope to become Supervisor

In Groton, there are two contested races:

  • Richard Case, Jr. and Patrick O’Neill for Highway Superintendent
  • Two seats are open for Town Council: Richard Gamel, Crystal Young, Kelly Smith and Faith Tyler

In Harford:

  • Michael Price is trying to unseat David Stoner or Todd Loope for one of two Town Council positions

There are three contested races in Moravia:

  • Gary Hatfield and Terrance Baxter face off for Town Supervisor
  • Sheila Hargett-Kemp and June Shepardson for Town Judge
  • David Dinger, Joseph Gentilcore, William Badman and Terry Palmer are trying to win election to the Town Council
  • Plus, Matt Harrison is acting highway superintendent and there is no one listed on the ballot for 2017, meaning a write-in candidate will ultimately fill the position

Voters in Preble have decisions to make:

  • David Morse, David Pitman, Linda Riehlman and Michael Hughes compete for two Town Council seats

One contested race in Scott:

  • Andrew Fuller, Joseph Watkins, Jen Hull, Patrick Hapgood and Neeca Root are running for two seats on the Town Council

In Summerhill, we find one contested race:

  • John Krik and Gary Norton hope to be elected Highway Superintendent

Council races contested in Taylor:

  • Joe Pudney, Theodore Law, Jr, and Sharon Eltz will vie for two Town Council seats

A busy ballot in Truxton:

  • Bridgette Ullrich and Lloyd Sutton, Jr face off for Supervisor
  • Megan Morrison and Christine Sahm hope to be elected Town Clerk/Tax Collector
  • For Town Council, Molly McDermott, Anna Williams, Nicole Albro and Gus Wehbe are contesting two seats

In Tully, one race is drawing attention:

  • Susan Vaccaro and Pamela Teeter are running for Town Clerk.

Don’t forget to flip over your ballot to look at the three New York State Propositions we will decide.

  • PROPOSAL NUMBER ONE, A QUESTION, Constitutional Convention Shall there be a convention to revise the Constitution and amend the same?
  • PROPOSAL NUMBER TWO, AN AMENDMENT Allowing the complete or partial forfeiture of a public officer’s pension if he or she is convicted of a certain type of felony.
  • PROPOSAL NUMBER THREE, AN AMENDMENT Authorizing the Use of Forest Preserve Land for Specified Purposes. The proposed amendment will create a land account with up to 250 acres of forest preserve land eligible for use by towns, villages, and counties that have no viable alternative to using forest preserve land to address specific public health and safety concerns; as a substitute for the land removed from the forest preserve, another 250 acres of land, will be added to the forest preserve, subject to legislative approval.

Polls are open until 9 pm.

There are helpful links to the Cortland County Board of Elections to see who’s on the ballot, or where to vote.

Election Day Pancake Tradition

The Cortland Rotary Club offers its traditional Election Day pancakes at the Elks Lodge on Groton Avenue in Cortland until 7 pm.

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