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Glenn Frey’s Family Talks Eagles Tour & New Solo Retrospective

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Released today (May 11th) is the definitive Glenn Frey solo retrospective, the four-disc set, Above The Clouds: The Collection. Highlights on the set include such solo hits as “The Heat Is On,” “The One You Love,” “Part Of Me, Part Of You,” “You Belong To The City,” and “Smuggler’s Blues,” among others. In addition, the set includes a live DVD featuring Frey performing some of his most beloved Eagles classics taped live on September 15th, 1992 in Dublin, Ireland. Above The Clouds is most notable for the first CD reissue of the 1969 self-titled Longbranch/Pennywhistle album featuring Frey and frequent Eagles collaborator, J.D. Souther.

Glenn Frey’s widow, Cindy Frey spoke about her husband, telling The Associated Press, “It’s hard to get beyond the sad part of, the longing of missing Glenn. But in a deep sort of weird way, it’s a way of healing and living through grief for our family. It’s a family reunion for all of us and we’re all doing it together. I don’t know that there’d be anything else we could do that’d make us move through our grief in this way. As painful as it is at times, it’s also deeply healing and comforting. It sort of makes us feel closer. Like, somehow we’re holding him even closer in some sort of strange weird way.”

Cindy went on to talk about his post-Eagles music, saying, “I think that he was really brave as a solo artist. I don’t think the record companies always thought his choices were always the things that were going to sell the most records, but he wanted to make records that meant something to him; that he could tell a story about himself. I think this sort of tells that story. He really was a great student of many, many different kinds of music. Good music doesn’t have any sort of boundaries or limits.”

Son Decaon Frey, who has officially joined the Eagles — along with Vince Gill — to fill in for his late father, shed light on what it takes to be an Eagle these days: “Well I definitely practice more than I have for other shows I’ve done. . . It definitely takes more work. It’s definitely a larger scale operation and the standard is a lot higher for performance.”

Cindy Frey explained whet it was like to watch her son stand in his father’s place — both physically and artistically: “(It’s) emotional in so many ways. . . As a mother, I couldn’t be more proud of Deacon and his performance and his talent. I know that his dad would be as proud of him as I am. I think it’s a wonderful thing — not just for our family — but for the fans to be able to see the music continue on and have another generation, another iteration of what it means. It’s incredible.”

Glenn Frey’s lifelong friend Bob Seger told us that right up until the end, Glenn Frey never lost his passion for the music — or his bond with the Eagles’ fans: “Every time I saw him in last 10, 11 years, he was so grateful to the fans. He would. . . the first thing he would say to me — and normally, he’d start me with a joke, or something — but the first thing he’d say to me was, ‘Isn’t it amazing, Bob, that we’re still doing this at our age? Y’know, I am so grateful that these fans keep coming out.’ And he meant it! Every word.”

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