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Glass-Only Pickup for City Residents this week

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City of Cortland residents are reminded that this week is glass-only pick up, meaning no other recyclables will be collected until next week and the others that remain in the month of March.

The new policy was a response to changes this year at the county recycling facility on Pendleton Street, where glass is no being longer accepted due its negligible value and damage it does to equipment.

Glass and other materials became valueless when China stopped buying most recyclables from the U.S. back in January 2018.

Casella Waste Management previously provided single-stream service and separated the material itself for distribution to other facilities, which is no longer the case now that the county owns and runs the recycling center.

To further add to the headache, all recyclables are currently being sent to the county landfill in East Homer anyway, after a fire in January at a regional sorting facility forced extreme action to avoid significant increases for taxpayers.

However, it’s still important to recycle properly.

Glass is being crushed and used as required daily cover at the landfill which eliminates the need to mine shale for and helps keep expenses low. Residents should also consider other options to reuse glass before disposal.

The county also accepts single use batteries, so it might be considered to collect them with your glass and take them both to the recycling center to ensure their kept out of the waste stream.

Village of Homer residents do not currently have separate glass collection.

They can either take their materials to the recycling center themselves (recommended) or discard them in the trash (not recommended).

As for the city, the first week of each month has been designated as “glass only” pickup, with all other recyclables being collected in those that follow. Trash recycling will still proceed as normal.

Cortland Common Council meets tonight (March 3) at 7 pm, where they’ll continue discussing items related to trash and recycling in the city.

The meeting takes place on the second floor of city hall at 25 Court Street in Cortland.

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