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Follow Your Nose To Witness “Corpse Plant’s” Bloom

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The view Tuesday morning of “Carolus” in the Cornell Minns Garden

The stench is not as powerful as when another of these corpse plants, “Wee Stinky,” bloomed over the winter inside at Cornell.

These Titan arums are native to the tropical forests of Sumatra. But Cornell’s plant named “Carolus” is starting to stink and draw flies.

It continues to unfurl and is believed to be the first of these plants to bloom in our type of climate.

The aroma is getting pretty strong, especially immediately downwind of the plant.

The close-up and stinky view of “Carolus”

Students placed insect traps inside the plant to sample some of the many expected to be attracted to the flower.

Cornell’s College of Agriculture and Life Sciences invites you to visit or check in online.




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