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Flooding on Cortland’s East End Prompts Concerns, Study Planned

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Flooding on the City of Cortland’s east end has prompted concerns and question from residents.

Homeowners on Garfield Street have reported multiple instances of flooding over the past two months.

Some residents feel the city isn’t doing enough to address the problem.

Following flooding in April and May the City DPW installed a larger dry well on Garfield Street to hold heavy run-off. City DPW chief Chris Bistocchi says part of the problem is that the water table is high and the run-off has no where to go. Another issue is that the storm water collection system in that area is over 75 years old and is not sufficient to handle the water.

The city is using a grant to study storm water on Clinton Ave. the study will include Garfield street. The study will be used to apply for additional funding to pay for a storm water collection project.

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