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Finch Will Continue To Work For Ethics Reform In Albany

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Assemblyman Gary Finch (R)

Assemblyman Gary Finch (R)

Republican Assemblyman Gary Finch took a break from his re-election campaign to speak with WXHC News.

Finch says people ask him most about jobs, the economy and whether the SAFE act might be repealed.

Every year, Finch introduces legislation to reform ethics rules in Albany, but do people ask him that? Finch wishes so.

“Do I hear it as often as I hear people talk to me about the SAFE Act and will it be repealed? No. I think those people are sort of plugged in to the politics of the situation. I’ll get questions from them. It should be out there being discussed all over, but it’s not.”

Finch also provided an update on what’s being done to remove toxins from Owasco Lake drinking water.

He says we’re learning where in the watershed those efforts make the most comprehensive impact,” on the blue-green algae.

“Right now, the only thing that’s good here, is the weather’s changing. There’s not going to be a blue-green algae bloom, certainly not until next summer.”

Finch vows “Next session, I’ll be fighting to fund them, as well as upgrades to the Owasco and Auburn water treatment facilities.”

Diane Dwire (D) Candidate for Assembly

Diane Dwire (D) Candidate for Assembly

Finch is running against Democrat Diane Dwire in the 126th Assembly District.

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