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Eric Burdon Covers Buffalo Springfield Classic

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Yesterday (May 11th) in celebration of his 76th birthday, Animals frontman Eric Burdon uploaded a new cover of Buffalo Springfield’s 1967 youth anthem, “For What It’s Worth” on his official website ( Burdon shed light on the new track, posting on the site, “The whole idea of recording this song came as a result of a conversation I had with a young fan backstage, when she asked me, ‘Where are the protest songs today?’ Right then and there, I wanted to write something about the brutality that’s going on in the world today but I couldn’t find any better way to say it than Buffalo Springfield did in ‘For What It’s Worth.'”

Burdon, who has lived for decades in the California desert, went on to say, “The music I love was created by the sons and daughters of slaves. My life’s work has always been about honoring those people who suffered and thus, created a language of peace and salvation through music. Everything we believed in during the ’60s, everything people fought and died for, is being jeopardized today.”

Eric Burdon told us that when you talk about the Animals — you’re essentially talking about him: “From my personal point of view? The Animals are dead. (Laughs) I mean, they’ve killed themselves. They were always the band that could not live up to their name. And I kept using the name for strictly promotional purpose, so that young kids would associate the name the Animals with the Beatles, the (Rolling) Stones, and that period and would come see my show. But, y’know, I got sued for using the name by former members of the band. And this has happened to many groups. To be quite honest with you, I always thought that I was the guy the kept the name alive when the others had stopped.”

He’ll appear in Del Mar, California at Kaaboo Del Mar.

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