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Elton John Recalls Dressing As A Gorilla And Terrifying Iggy Pop

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During a recent interview with Yahoo News, Elton John recalled a rare 1973 stage appearance that had nothing to do with playing the piano.

The “Rocket Man” recalled but one of his crazier nights back in the ’70s: “I dressed as a gorilla and went on stage with Iggy Pop, yeah, at Richard’s Club in Atlanta. And I saw him the first night, and he was so great, I wanted to go back the second night. I thought, ‘I know what — I’ll dress as a gorilla!’ And I jumped onstage and he freaked out. And years later, he told me he was tripping on acid when I did it. It was the stinkiest gorilla’s outfit you could possibly have. I thought it would be great, but it kinda backfired. At the end they said, ‘Oh, by the way that was Elton John in the gorilla suit,’ and everyone said, ‘Oh yeah, sure.’ But it was one of my mad things — those were the days. Those were the days.” at Las Vegas’ Colosseum At Caesars Palace.

Photo Courtesy of David LaChappelle

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