Election Night 2020: Unofficial results in Cortland County

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22nd Congressional District

Election Districts Reporting: 472 of 565

DEM Anthony J. Brindisi — 42.47% (111,461 votes)

REP Claudia Tenney — 53.30% (139,883 votes)

LBT Keith Price — 2.08% (5,467 votes)

In Cortland County, Tenney beat Brindisi by a total vote count of 8,434 to 7,460.

Districtwide, Tenney leads Anthony Brindisi by about 30k votes and didn’t declare victory last night but said she has confidence her campaign will prevail after all ballots are counted.

Over 45,000 absentees remain to be counted and Brindisi would need about 75% of them to cover the current deficit.

Brindisi has not conceded defeat.

51st Senate District

Election Districts Reporting: 255 of 255

DEM Jim Barber — 37.70% (42,336 votes)

REP Peter Oberacker — 57.01% (64,014 votes)

In Cortland County, Oberacker defeated Barber by a total vote count of 9,477 to 6,473.

The open seat on the state senate comes as a result of the retirement of James Seward, who announced in January that his current 17th term in office would be his last to better address his health.

Seward is battling an ongoing cancer diagnosis and also beat COVID-19 earlier this year after three days on a ventilator.

125th Assembly District

Election Districts Reporting: 96 of 98

DEM Anna Kelles — 61.17% (24,836 votes)

REP Matthew McIntyre — 32.72% (13,284 votes)

In Cortland County, McIntyre took the vote over Kelles by a total count of 4,695 to 3,997.

Kelles has the backing of retiring Assemblywoman Barbara Lifton, who announced in February that she would not be seeking a 10th term in office.

126th Assembly District

Election Districts Reporting: 111 of 111

DEM Dia Carabajal — 36.06% (20,675 votes)

REP John Lemondes — 58.17% (33,353 votes)

In Cortland County, Lemondes beat Carabajal by a total count of 4,440 votes to 2,066.

Lemondes has the endorsement of retiring 10-term assemblyman, Gary Finch, who announced his pending retirement in February.


In Cortland County, Trump/Pence won by a total vote count of 9,484 to 6,829 over Biden/Harris

**Statement on the Unofficial Nature of Election Night Results

The results on this page are based on the unofficial results reported to the state by each County Board of Elections. 

New York State Election Law requires a complete recanvassing of all votes cast on Election Day and all valid absentee, special, and affidavit (provisional) ballots before any election results can be certified.

Once all ballot counting tasks have been completed (usually within 15 days for a primary and within 25 days for a general election), each County Board certifies their respective election results pursuant to and in accordance with the applicable sections of New York State Election Law.

Those certifications are then sent to the State Board for aggregation, certification and publication/posting.

County Boards of Elections have received a historically high number of absentee ballots for the November 3rd 2020 General Election due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Unofficial election night results do not include the results of absentee ballot voting, which begin to be counted after election day.

Cayuga County will start counting ballots on Saturday, while most other area counties will begin doing so next week.

This page will be updated as necessary.

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