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Election Eve: Remember To Vote Tuesday!

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Pre-election updates include:

Myers returns to Cortland

Congressional candidate Democrat Kim Myers will include Cortland on her last minute campaign tour. Myers will visit Cortland County Democratic Party headquarters on Port Watson Street Monday afternoon at about 2:45 to rally supporters. Myers plans to watch returns election night at a Binghamton Hotel.

Patrick Perfetti

Patrick Perfetti

Cortland County District Attorney Mark Suben

Cortland County District Attorney Mark Suben

D.A. Race is quiet

The top race in Cortland County this election is for District Attorney. Democrat incumbent Mark Suben is running for his third term against Republican challenger Pat Perfetti. Both candidates say the effort on Monday will be to encourage supporters to vote on election day.

New Siena College poll of likely voters

Siena college research poll logoIn it’s last poll prior to election day, Siena College surveyed likely voters across the state. The poll, released Sunday night, shows Hillary Clinton continues to lead Donald Trump by double digits, although the gap has narrowed a little to 17 points (51%-34%), down from 24 points (54%-30%). Siena’s Steve Greenberg provided some insight to the numbers:

“The gender gap widened as Clinton’s lead with men fell from 16 points three weeks ago to five points today, however, she continues to lead with women by 28 points, down slightly from 31 points.

“White voters are nearly evenly divided, while Clinton continues to garner an overwhelming 86% support from black voters and 71% from Latino voters,” Greenberg said.

“Clinton’s favorability rating is barely positive, 49%-47%, down a little from last month, while Trump continues to have a negative favorability rating, 34%-63%, up from negative 29%-68%.”

“By a significantly narrower-than-enrollment margin – largely because independent voters side with the Republicans – voters say they want to see the Democrats take control of the House of Representatives, but only by a 51%-41% margin,” Greenberg said.

Senatorial bragging point

Chuck Schumer has a towering 42-point, 67%-25%, lead over Wendy Long. “The real race is to see if Chuck Schumer can beat Wendy Long by more than Kirsten Gillibrand did four years ago,” said Greenberg. “He’s hovering on the outskirts of that now.” The poll finds even 42% of Republicans are backing Schumer.

NYS on alert

The Governor says New York State is already on high alert for Election Day. That means more state police, more national guard, and more soldiers on duty than ever before. Andrew Cuomo says this is all being coordinated with the NYPD.

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