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Drivers Can Now Print Temporary DMV Documents

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A new online service from the State Department of Motor Vehicles enables customers to print a temporary license and other documents at home.

New York drivers that need to renew or replace their driver’s license, learner’s permit, non-driver identification card or vehicle registrations can now obtain a temporary document from the state DMV’s website.

Temporary licenses, permits and ID cards printed on-line are valid for 60 days.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo said the service will allow residents to avoid a trip to their local DMV.

Last week Cortland County Clerk Elizabeth Larkin joined a number of clerks who say the state is misleading drivers and discouraging the use of the local DMV office.

The state is discouraging drivers to renew their DMV documents in person and is instead steering that traffic to the state website. By doing so, the state collects and keeps all the fees instead sending some of the money to support local D-M-V offices. Larkin warned that on-line customers can accidentally wind up on spoofing websites that look like the state site and become victims of identity theft.

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