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Deputy health director talks Delta & need for vaccinations (audio)

On today’s Meet Cortland County segment:

Deputy public health director Nicole Anjeski spoke about the importance of getting our community vaccinated to protecting against covid-19.

New cases continue to grow nationwide and have begun a recent uptick locally, as well.

The Delta variant is now the dominant strain being found, although no cases are yet confirmed in Cortland County.

Recently the CDC issued guidance for individuals who are fully vaccinated to mask up while in areas that have substantial and high transmission rates.

“Our county continues to have low transmission, so there is no new local guidance at this time,” Anjeski said. “Unvaccinated individuals should continue to wear a mask in indoor public places.”

Anjeski also said recent case investigations have revealed people are still going out to work or social activities with symptoms.

“Community members are urged to get tested and stay home and away from others if you develop any symptoms to help minimize the spread in our community. We also encourage everyone who hasn’t done so to get their vaccine.”

Around 57% of Cortland County adults 18+ are fully vaccinated. Under half the entire population has completed their series.

Cortland County is currently considered to have a “moderate” level of community transmission, according to the CDC.

Press play below for the full interview with Anjeski:


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