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DEC Asks You To Watch For The Spotted Lanternfly

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Spotted Lanternfly (USDA photo)

Be on the lookout for the Spotted Lanternfly.

Last fall, the DEC reported that the first one of these pests was found dead in New York State.

The DEC hopes to keep it out, since it could damage forests and fields and hurt tourism.

The Spotted Lanternfly loves to munch on maple and apple trees, grapevines and hops.

It weakens plants so they are vulnerable to disease or molds.

For more information on SLF, visit DEC’s Spotted Lanternfly webpage.

The DEC encourages the public to be on the lookout for and report this pest. Please send pictures and note the location of where the insect, egg masses, and/or infestation signs were found, to Inspect outdoor items such as vehicles and firewood for egg masses. If visiting Pennsylvania or other states with SLF, check equipment and gear before leaving and scrape off any egg masses.

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