Cuomo Favorability Up Statewide Despite Negative Views on Bail Reform

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As today’s (January 21) deadline hits for Gov. Cuomo to release an official state budget proposal, a new report from the Siena College Research Institute shows his support continuing to rise statewide despite an overwhelming negative attitude towards his new bail reform law.

Two-thirds of voters responding to the survey say they support at least 11 of the governor’s State of the State proposals, despite an overwhelming majority saying the new law eliminating monetary bail for people facing misdemeanor and non-violent felony charges is bad for New York (49-37 percent).

Back in April, shortly after passage of the law, voters thought the law would be good for the state (55-38 percent).

Despite this change, Como saw a significant boost in his favorability and job performance ratings since November, where a then-negative 44-49 percent rating has jumped to a positive 49-45 percent.

His job performance rating jumped even more, going from a negative 30 points (35-65 percent) in November to now negative 15
points (41-56 percent).

“In the last year, the Governor’s favorability has been up and down – half the months a little above water and half a little below water,” said Siena College pollster Steven Greenberg. “ Right now, a plurality of voters say they view Cuomo favorably, including more than two-thirds of Democrats. However, he’s viewed unfavorably by 51 percent of independents and 80 percent of Republicans. The boost in his favorability rating and the even bigger bump in his job performance rating – which still resides in negative territory – are a thank you from voters to kick off the new year.

Click here for much more information from the full Siena College Research Institute report.

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