CPD Releases Statement on Viral Internet Photo of Officer with Offensive Desktop Background

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A photograph was discovered online that went viral on a popular sharing platform called Reddit, which appears to show the computer desktop of a Cortland Police Office that contains an image of a man being pressed to the ground by a S.W.A.T. Officer with a caption reading, “Think about the consequences before messing with the Police.”

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Upon discovery of the picture, Detective Lt. Michael Strangeway released the following statement:

“Today, it was brought to our attention that there is a photograph circulating through the internet. The photograph appears to be of a CPD patrol officer seated in front of a computer monitor, with a background/ screensaver that depicts police brutality by an officer from some other department, both in photograph and caption. An investigation into the photograph has been initiated.

Based on the computer equipment and telephone in the photograph, the photo is at least 6 years old. We will continue to investigate to determine the authenticity of the photograph and identify the individual responsible for the background seen in the photo, which we view as profoundly unprofessional and utterly unacceptable.”

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