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During Tuesday’s Cortland Common Council meeting, a pair of citizens asked city police to condemn a group they say led a “Back the Blue” motorcade into their neighborhood for purposes of harassment.

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The alleged incident occurred Saturday, involving a local procession that was organized privately and involved just a handful of vehicles. CPD was not at all involved with the group.

According to the complainants, the rally arrived directly in their neighborhood and caused a disturbance by honking loudly and repeatedly outside the residence of one of the individuals who is a co-organizer of the local Black Lives Matter movement.

During the public comment portion of Tuesday’s meeting, Here is an official statement from Chief Frank Catalano:

Here is an official statement from Chief Frank Catalano:

“On October 20, 2020, during an open meeting of the Cortland City Common Council, a few citizens openly requested the administration of the Cortland City Police Department to take a stance and publicly denounce a specific group of citizens within our community, based upon a belief the group was harassing members of another group and disrupting the quiet enjoyment of their neighborhood. Here is the official stance of the administration of the Cortland City Police.

The Cortland City Police Department is an accredited, professional law enforcement agency, which is dedicated to actively preserve, protect, and respect human life and the dignity of all people. The department is committed to upholding and defending the rights afforded to individuals by the Constitution of the United States of America, with sworn officers who will abide by and enforce the laws of the Nation, State and City in a fair and equitable manner.

The Department is committed to communicating with those we serve and to join them in establishing priorities to enhance the quality of life for the entire community. The Cortland City Police Department is not a political body and therefore will not take a stance, either condemning or supporting any political party, group or entity as an organization.

To do so, would be a clear demonstration of bias against a segment of our community and a violation of our values, and the rights of members of our community.

The Cortland City Police Department wishes to assure all citizens of its commitment to actively investigate matters reported to our agency and take appropriate action based upon the law and facts ascertained during the investigation.

–Chief F. M. Catalano

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