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County Wants Increase In DMV Fee Percentage

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Motorcycle registrations expire on Saturday, April 30. (as they do every year)

If you still need to re-register, Cortland County Clerk Elizabeth Larkin says you can do it quickly at the DMV office on River Street in Cortland, just bring an insurance card issued within the past 45 days.

Elizabeth Larkin Clerk“You can leave the office with your registration in hand and license plates if you need them,” said Larkin. “No need to wait for them to be sent by the state.”

The county clerk points out that by renewing at the local DMV, the county will receive 12.7% of the transaction fee.

Residents conducting state DMV business online means the county doesn’t share the fee.

It’s the percentage of fees that helps the county cover some of the costs to run the DMV office.

“You help keep your money locally, we retain 12.7% of that transaction, and it helps pay for your services locally, and keeps your taxes down.”

Like many other counties in New York, lawmakers here feel that percentage is not enough.

Thursday evening, Larkin will ask the Cortland County Legislature to approve a message to Albany, demanding a greater percentage of the transaction fees.

“I am presenting a resolution and the legislature has backed me up completely. We are asking for 25%.”

Larkin says the state keeps adding state DMV tasks for her staff to perform.

“But we get no money for that. So, in order to keep our doors open, and provide DMV services to our residents, we need that increase in fee.”

She notes that again this year, legislation to raise the percentage has passed the Senate. A similar bill last year did not clear the Assembly.

Larkin says Cortland County will ask that the state keep the fees it charges steady, but raise the percentage kept locally.

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