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County Spent Over $340K More Than Expected On 2018-19 Snow And Ice Removal

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The Cortland County Highway Department will meet Tuesday (September 10) and discuss a contract amendment related to last year’s higher-than-expected snow and ice removal expenditures.

A contract with New York State allows for reimbursement of funds used to pay for the clearing of state highways in the various towns and villages of Cortland County.

Last year, the county spent over $340K more than originally budgeted, which it will ask reimbursement for on Tuesday.

The estimated expenditures to cover snow and ice removal for the 2018-2019 winter were $784,836.56.

What was actually spent was $1,128,598.83, exceeding the estimation by $343,762.27.

The State Commissioner of Transportation is now requiring an official amendment to the contract agreement, in
order to release the additional funds to the county.

That’s expected to pass on Tuesday and will need to officially pass the full Legislature on their September 26 meeting.

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