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County Postpones Traffic Diversion Program

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At Tuesday’s (November 12) meeting of the Judiciary & Public Safety committee, a resolution was postponed that would’ve recommended a county-wide traffic diversion program for approval by the full Cortland County Legislature.

Similar programs are in place across the state to allow non-serious violators a way to have their ticket dropped through an approved traffic safety course.

They also provide a payback for local governments, as the fees associated with completing the program would be completed diverted to the county, as opposed to traffic fines paid to the state, which are then divided sparingly.

Currently, traffic data in Cortland County shows around 40K vehicle and traffic tickets written each year, Out of their total fine amounts, just over 50% go back to the state, with just over 40% to the municipal courts and around 5% to the county.

Ultimately, the decision to pursue the program was put on hold, for now, due to concerns from the District Attorney’s office about exactly where the resulting income stream would be going and for what it would be used for.

Following testimony from the D.A., the vote was postponed 5-2.

More on what was proposed here.

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