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County Leaders Dump Landfill Fee Increase, Prepare Final Documents to Kill Ash Swap

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Cortland County lawmakers have opted not to increase tipping fees at the county-owned landfill despite mounting losses in the county solid waste program. In addition, they are preparing to put an end to the proposed ash for trash swap.

Citing concerns of increasing costs to county residents and municipalities lawmakers on the legislature’s solid waste committee pulled a proposal Tuesday to increase dumping fees at the landfill from $60 to $75 dollars per ton.

By raising the fee 25%, the county expected to generate an additional $330 thousand dollars annually.

The landfill losses last year amounted to $800 thousand dollars.

Some lawmakers cited concerns that raising the fee would encourage trash haulers to take trash to surrounding facilities with lower tip fees.

Other representatives said without a local flow control law requiring all waste generated in the county be brought to the landfill, increasing the tipping fees would drive more revenue away from the county.

Some frustrated legislators suggested the county should import trash, fill up the landfill, and close it down to cut expenses. Previous votes to import trash have failed.

On a related note, following the defeat of the ash for cover proposal last month, county leaders have instructed their attorney to draft a resolution deeming the larger ash for trash swap with Onondaga County unfit for the county officially ending the proposal.

The measure will be voted on in January.

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