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County Clerks Push to Keep More DMV Money

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County Clerks are once again pushing state lawmakers to increase the amount of money they can keep from local DMV transactions.

The state and local DMV offices are preparing for another tug of war over money.

Right now, counties keep 12.7% of every transaction completes at the local DMV office. The same percentage is collected on mail transactions sent to the local DMV office. The fees amount to thousands of dollars each year and help to fund the salary and retirement of local DMV workers.

The fee that the county keeps hasn’t been increased since 1999, but DMV employee insurance and retirement costs have gone up.

Last year, the state senate passed a bill to increase the local DMV share to 25% of each transaction in addition to increasing the fees they can charge for non-driver ID cards. The bill never made it to a vote in the Assembly.

While the fees have remained flat the state is cutting into the local DMV business by allowing more transactions to be done on-line. A rebooted DMV website allows drivers to renew licenses and registrations without stepping into a local DMV office and the state keeps all the money.

County clerks plan to push to increase the local fee share during this legislative session.

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