Cortland County furloughs workers amid budget woes

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The Cortland County Legislature announced plans to furlough between 50 and 75 employees from May 4th to the end of July.

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Their decision comes after word that several million dollars are being lost in revenue for the county. 

“The lost revenue is mainly due to lost sales tax, many retail businesses are closed and gas prices continue to hover at historic lows.” says Cortland County Administrator Robert Corpora. “This revenue cannot be made up when the economy reopens, therefore, the County must make immediate changes to help ease the burden on taxpayers.”

Impacted employees will still receive health insurance benefits, while still being required to pay their bi-weekly health insurance contribution. These employees will be eligible for unemployment benefits along with the additional $600 per week federal stimulus payments. 

Corpora also said that these lay-offs are only expected to be temporary and the county wants to take care of its valued employees. The county will fill critical positions as those needs arise, and if possible will fill positions with furloughed employees. 

A list of employees to be furloughed will be developed by County Department Heads by Friday, April 24.

Department heads have also been tasked with implementing an austerity budget with no unnecessary travel and no optional spending.

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