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Cortland Police Respond to Criticisms Over Care of Water Works Deer

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The City of Cortland Police Department is responding to concerns about the condition and treatment of the deer herd at the Cortland City Waterworks.

Recent complaints about the treatment of the deer at the waterworks prompted the police department to post a statement yesterday.

Some visitors to the park have observed deer with cuts and scrapes and what appear to be sick deer losing their fur. A facebook page called ‘Save the Waterworks Deer’ has been started and urges visitors to lodge complaints with the D-E-C and Humane Society.

Deputy City Police Cheif Paul Sandy, who is part of the team that cares for the waterworks herd, says the deer are not being neglected and are in better shape than their county cousins.

Sandy says the deer are fed a specially formulated feed that is mixed at Round House Mill in Cortland. In addition, they are provided apples and other produce when available.

Sandy says the herd is tagged and monitored as part of a certified management plan. Sometimes the deer are injured during the tagging process.

Some visitors have noticed the deer losing their fur and are concerned it’s a sign of illness. Sandy says its a natural process that occurs each year.

Visitors have also complained about trash in the deer feeding area. There are plans to clean the pen in the next couple weeks. Visitors are discouraged from feeding the deer bread, instead they should feed the herd apples, squash or pumpkins.

Read the Police Department Letter Below:



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