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Cortland Planners Approve Consolidation of Student Rental Properties

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Cortland City Planners have approved the request of a local student landlord to consolidate three rentals into a single property. Some neighbors had objected to the change.

In a unanimous vote, the city planning commission has granted Jim Reener’s request to consolidate his rental properties on Lincoln Ave. and Groton Ave. into a single property.reeners-prooperty

Reeners built the 10 unit student rental back in 2007.

Over the past couple years he was approved to tear down home on Woodruff Street and Lincoln Ave and has replaced them with two new two family homes. The newer homes adjoin his earlier project.

Reeners asked to join te projects in order to reduce the number of driveways needed. Reeners say it will improve traffic flow and safety for all three rentals and will increase green or unpaved space. Reeners will also provide a single locking enclosed dumpster to serve all three properties.

Former City Zoning Officer Bruce Webber who holds to mortgage for a home at 92 Lincoln Ave. had objected to the change. Webber said the changes were inconsistent with city code and extends a business use into the surrounding residential neighborhood. Webber contends that by merging the three, properties Reeners has created a large apartment complex without proper reviews.

Planners also granted Reeners request to combine two vacant Lots on Hickory Park Road into a single parcel. Reeners plans to build a large ranch home there.

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