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Cortland Mayor Tobin Respond to Comp Time Report

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Cortland City Mayor Brian Tobin is responding to allegations that the city is withholding nearly $300 hundred thousand dollars in comp time payments to city employees.

On Tuesday, City Firefighter Derek Reynolds, who serves as the firefighter union steward, gave the city council a report from the federal department of labor indicating the city has not fully reimbursed up to 89 employees for paid time off that was accrued above and beyond allowable limits.

Under federal law, employees can only bank up to 480 hours of comp or paid time off. Tobin says the city was honoring a union contract that called for more comp hours than allowed by federal law.

Tobin says the city has moved to pay up to $60 thousand dollars owed to 3 firefighters but is challenging the federal assessment.

Tobin says the total amount was originally around half a million dollars. A further review found the Federal Dppartment of Labor had overestimated the benefits owed.

Tobin says there is no attempt to shortchange the employees involved, which includes City Police Officers, firefighters and youth bureau employees.

Tobin says the city fairly deals with all it employees and will continue to do so but the taxpayer must be kept in mind as well.

Tobin said the city is considering hiring an outside auditor to verify the Department of Labor figures and the amount actually owed.

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