Woman Shot in the Mouth with a Pellet Gun Outside Crown Park Nursing Home

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A Cortland man was arrested Friday (January 3) night after police say he shot an unsuspecting woman in the face with a pellet gun, as she stood outside her place of work at Crown Park Rehab & Nursing Center on Kellogg Road.

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Lt. Michael Strangeway says the 43-year-old woman was looking down at her cell phone just after 8 p.m., when she suddenly heard a “loud pop,” which was immediately followed by a feeling of pain and taste of blood in her mouth.

A small projectile had tore a small hole in her lower lip and knocked out two of her teeth, while loosening another.

The woman reported to police that she was able to look up and see a man hurrying into a nearby residence on Kellogg Road, later identified as 52-year-old Shawn Fagan.

City police responded and were answered at the door by Fagan’s mother, with whom he shares the residence.

Fagan initially denied any involvement in the incident, refusing to cooperate with police and scolding his mother to do the same.

He then told officers they would need a warrant to enter the residence, which they immediately went out and acquired.

Upon their return, investigators searched the home and described it as being in such a horrific and filthy condition that they had difficulty believing people were actually living there.

They were able to find a high-powered pellet gun wrapped in aluminum foil in Fagan’s room, as well as a loaded shotgun.

While he again refused to speak about the incident to police, Fagan was reportedly ranting at the scene about his beliefs that the nursing home is “full of criminals and illegal immigrants,” which he’s also claimed during previous encounters with officers as well.

Fagan was originally hit with a 2nd degree assault charge and misdemeanor for criminal possession of a weapon, which forced his release until his scheduled court appearance due to the state’s new bail reform mandates.

That was later amended to a first-degree charge, on which he appeared for arraignment and a $5000.00 bond was set and immediately paid by a family member.

Fagan’s next scheduled to appear in city court on January 22

The female victim was able to take herself to GCMC and was later transported to Upstate Medical Center, where a .177 caliber pellet had to be surgically removed from inside her lower jaw.

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