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Cortland County Spending $80k to Update Emergency Plans

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Cortland County is hiring a consultant to update the county’s emergency preparedness plans. The plan will include provisions to keep local government functioning during and after an emergency.

County lawmakers have approved spending just under $80 thousand dollars to update the local Comprehensive Emergency Management plan.

County Emergency Communications Director Scott Roman, who oversees response and preparedness, says the plan will give the county a framework on how to respond to certain incidents that could arise such as a train derailment or ice storm.

Part of the update will look at how to keep the local government operating during an emergency.

Once the plan is complete, the county will run exercises to practice responses to potential emergencies that could force operations to relocate or operate under reduced capacity.

The $80 thousand dollar update is being funded with money from a state grant that was awarded to help update the county emergency communications network.

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