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Cortland County Sheriff Mark Helms On ‘Sheriff’s Week’

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New York Sheriff Week draws to a close this weekend and in the spirit, I sat down and chatted with Cortland County Sheriff Mark Helms yesterday afternoon (September 20).

He had this to say when I asked him how residents can use this week to show their appreciation for the department:

“They don’t need to do a lot. Hopefully when people are seeing any one of my officers out, they say hello. Now more than ever, people will come up and thank us for our service. That’s really nice to hear because it means the community is paying attention to what we are trying to do for them.”

I also asked Helms what the commemorative week means to him personally, as a sheriff. He took a very humble approach:

“The two sheriffs prior to me were Duane Whiteman and Lee Price. When you say ‘sheriff’ I still think of those two men. They were leaders I always looked up to and I had a tremendous respect for both the position and the men themselves.”

A big thank you from all of us here at X101 to Sheriff Helms and all local law enforcement personnel who keep us safe each and everyday.

Much of your work is behind-the-scenes and too often goes unnoticed.

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