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Cortland County Republicans Endorse Candidates For November Elections

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The Cortland County Republican Committee met on Monday (August 12) to endorse their State, County, Town and Village candidates in the upcoming general election on November 5.

The meeting was held in the McGraw Community Building and a list of the candidates is below.

Meanwhile, the Committee will kick-off campaign season with an open house scheduled for Saturday, August 24th from 1-3 pm at the Republican Headquarters, 39 Port Watson Street in Cortland.

All are welcome and there will be door prizes and refreshments.

The following candidates will appear on the Republican ballot in November:

State Supreme Court, 6th Judicial District:

Mark Masler (Cortland County), Chris Baker (Chemung County), Oliver Blaise III (Broome County)

This year, voters in the 6th Judicial District will have an unusual ballot. There are 3 open seats for State Supreme Court, due to mandatory retirements.

Republican candidates Blaise, Baker and Masler will be on three lines: Republican, Conservative and Independence.

Cortland County

Clerk- Elizabeth Larkin

Coroners- Whitney Meeker and Kevin Sharp

Town of Cincinnatus

Legislator- Mitchel Eccleston (LD 17)

Supervisor- Luann King

Clerk/Tax Collector- Joanne Perkins

Justice- Rochelle Crane

Councilpersons- Jonathan McKee and Michael Stafford

Superintendent of Highways- James Latta

City of Cortland

Alderman- Tom Michaels (8th Ward)

Legislators-Tom Larson (LD 2), Laurie Comfort (LD 5) and Paul Lorenzo (LD 6)

Town of Cortlandville

Legislators- Chris Newell (LD 11), Joe Nauseef (LD12) and Eugene Waldbauer (LD13)

Supervisor- Tom Williams

Clerk/Tax Collector- Kristin Rocco-Petrella

Justice- Mary Beth Mathey

Councilpersons- Jay Cobb, Ted Testa and Jeff Guido

Superintendent of Highways- Glenn Bassett

Town of Cuyler

Legislator- Paul Heider (LD 16)

Supervisor- Lou Anne Randall

Clerk/Tax Collector- Wendy Custer

Councilpersons- Nancy Corbin and Keith White

Town of Freetown

Legislator- Mitchel Eccleston (LD 17)

Clerk- Serina Ingrahm

Councilperson- Robert Stewart

Superintendent of Highways- Clarence Wright Jr.

Tax Collector- Gail Heady

Town of Harford

Supervisor- Michelle Tottey-Morse

Clerk/Tax Collector- Jennifer Fox

Justice- Johanna Parker

Councilpersons- Daryl Cross and Karen Snover-Clift

Superintendent of Highways- Jack Holcomb Jr.

Town of Homer

Legislators- Linda Jones (LD 9), Kelly Preston (LD 10)

Supervisor- Fred Forbes Sr.

Councilpersons- Larry Jones and Michael Park

Village of Homer

Legislators- Linda Jones (LD 9) and Kelly Preston (LD 10)

Trustee- Kevin Slack

Town of Lapeer

Legislator- George Wagner (LD 15)

Supervisor- Gary Cornell

Clerk/tax collector- Cynthia McFarland

Justice- Richard Edsall Jr.

Councilpersons- Lee Brown and John Colasanto

Superintendent of Highways- George Courtney Jr.

Town of Marathon

Legislator- George Wagner (LD 15)

Supervisor- Tom Adams

Clerk- Doris Adams

Tax Collector- Debra Contri

Justice- Eddie Daugherty

Councilpersons- David Cross and James Dann

Superintendent of Highways- Randy Ensign

Village of Marathon

Legislator- George Wagner (LD 15)

Mayor- William McGovern

Trustees- Donna Collins and Scott Chamberlin

Town of Preble

Legislator- Kevin Fitch (LD 8)

Supervisor- Jim Doring

Clerk/Tax Collector- Jane Davenport

Justice- Donna Doody

Councilpersons- David Morse and Michael Griep

Superintendent of Highways- Jeff Griswold

Town of Scott

Legislator- Kevin Fitch (LD 8)

Supervisor- Guy Ruoff

Clerk/Tax Collector- Tamara Congdon

Councilpersons- Louis Martin and Trevor Adams

Superintendent of Highways- David Putnam

Town of Solon

Legislator- Paul Heider (LD 16)

Councilpersons- Brian Guernsey and Karen Maricle

Town of Taylor

Legislator- Mitchel Eccleston (LD 17)

Supervisor- Jeffrey Smith

Clerk/Tax Collector- Jaymie Closson

Justice- Rollan Elwood

Councilpersons- Harold Eltz and Riley Closson

Town of Truxton

Legislator- Paul Heider (LD 16)

Supervisor- Lloyd Sutton Jr.

Councilpersons- Carleton Young and Ryan Murray

Town of Virgil

Supervisor- John Kaminski

Clerk /Tax Collector- Alane VanDonsel

Justice- Richard Elston

Councilpersons- Jeff Breed and Eric Snow

Town of Willet

Legislator- Mitchel Eccleston (LD 17)

Supervisor- Alvin Doty Jr.

Justice- Jeri DuVail

Councilpersons- Rebecca Smith and Ryan McGowan

Tax Collector- Amy Doty

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