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Cortland County Partnering With Outside Agency to Improve Recycling Programs

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In an effort to improve recycling rates in Cortland County, the county is looking at a partnership with the Onondaga Resource Recovery Agency to implement more public recycling education and other outreach efforts.

The County Solid Waste Committee was briefed yesterday on collaborative efforts that are intended to reduce the amount of waste headed to the local landfill and improve the quality and consistency of the waste stream that could head to Onondaga as part of the proposed ash to trash swap.

Cortland and Onondaga are still considering a partnership that would divert all trash generated in Cortland county to the waste to energy incinerator in Jamesville and in return send incinerator ash back to the landfill.

The project requires Cortland County to improve the quality of its waste stream by removing prohibited items like thermostats, batteries, heavy metals, and other items.

County Clerk Jeremy Boylan says working with OCCRA to improve recycling rates and offering expanded recycling programs will benefit the community even if the ash for trash plan does not move forward.

Lawmakers were generally is support of the idea. Republican Legislator Jim Denkenberger questioned why the county has not moved sooner to implement increased recycling.

Lawmakers also discussed entering a separate agreement with Onondaga to accept a limited amount of the ash to be used as daily cover at the landfill.

Cortland County spends over $80 thousand dollars a year mining shale for the required daily cover. The ash could cut costs and improve profits at the facility.

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