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CNY counties enter phase two despite state backpedaling

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Phase 2 of the NY Forward plan was set to begin in five regions of the state today, including CNY, but as of right now that still hasn’t officially happened.

Regional leaders had their daily afternoon phone call with the state pushed to the evening time yesterday, which continued into the late hours of the night and were described by county officials as “contentious to say the least.”

Things hit a boiling point when Governor Cuomo appeared to backtrack on his original commitment to allow phase two re-openings to begin today.

During an interview on WAMC Northeast Public Radio:

“We have metrics. We have numbers. They’re are the smartest data-based reopening plan in the country, I believe. We have international experts who go through it and we’ll follow the data. The reopening in the first five regions ends tomorrow. When the reopening of phase one ends, we’ll give the experts all the data. And if they say we should move forward, we’ll move forward.”

Regional leaders put up a fight during last night’s phone calls and made it clear they would not take “no” as an answer.

This morning, legislative chairman Paul Heider assured residents that Cortland County is open for business.

“Cortland County, like surrounding counties, has done everything to meet the required benchmarks to begin the phase two re-opening,” Heider said. “The road to economic recovery in Central New York will be a long one and we must begin moving forward immediately.”

Businesses first need to prepare their safety plans and submit required state affirmation documents before they can open their doors.

Templates and other necessary documents can be found on the Cortland County website.

For businesses having difficulty accessing them, they may call the County at 753-5049 for assistance between 8 AM and 3:30 PM Monday through Friday.

Heider praised local businesses for their diligence in preparing to safely open their doors to customers, while being mindful of the need to monitor any uptick in newly diagnosed COVID cases.

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