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Cortland County Legislature Raises Landfill Tipping Fees To $80 Per Ton

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The Cortland County Legislature met last night (October 25) for its monthly legislative session.

Among other orders of business, the Legislature voted to raise the county landfill’s tipping fee to $80/ton, effective January 1, 2019.

The vote was not unanimous, however, as three legislators voted “no” to the more than 20 percent raise.

One of them was Legislator Ann Homer:

“I have reached out to my constituents and they have unilaterally told me ‘no.’ We can’t afford this. It’s nothing more than a de facto tax increase because it’s going to end up impacting everyone.”

Legislator Ronald Van Dee responded directly to Homer’s statement, arguing the resolution would have the opposite effect that she was concerned about:

“By increasing the tipping fee, everybody pays. Otherwise, it goes directly into the taxes of the common resident.  By doing this, the colleges pay, the schools pay, the churches pay – everybody pays for what they use and it’s much more fair that way.”

Out of each 80 dollar ton, five dollars will be deposited directly into the County’s Equipment Reserve Fund and another five dollars into the Landfill Closure Fund.

Legislator George Wagner, chair of the Budget and Finance Committee, pleaded for the resolution to be passed just prior to the official vote:

“I’m voting yes on this because this county needs the money; plain and simple. I’m working on the budget and need to put that in the budget. Please, if you love this county at all, vote yes on this.”

The resolution did pass, but there were three “nays” in the tally.

The Legislature also unanimously voted to approve the allocation of $200,000 from the County’s General Fund to help with some of the impending costs of the current recycling deficit.

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