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Cortland County Lawmakers Set to Vote on Controversial Ash as Cover Contract

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Cortland County lawmakers are set to vote tonight on whether to accept a limited amount of incinerator ash as daily cover at the county landfill.

Cortland County lawmakers must consider the potential risks associated with accepting up to 5 thousand tons of ash at the landfill against the opportunity to generate a savings for taxpayers.

At 6pm lawmakers will convene to discuss and vote on the ash as cover contract.

The plan has generated controversy among lawmakers and residents. Some see it as an environmental hazard, while other see it as a stop-gap measure to help reduce mounting losses in the county solid waste program.

The county lost nearly a half million dollars on solid waste operations last year and that cost continues to grow annually. The ash, which is a regulated and approved material by the DEC, could bring in over $100 thousand dollars in revenue to the county.

Lawmakers continue to debate a larger ash for trash swap with Onondaga County. Under that deal, all trash would be shipped to the incinerator in Dewitt in exchange for 90 thousand tons of the ash. Again supporters say the swap could help alleviate the mounting financial losses at the landfill.

The Legislature meets at 6pm on the third floor of the County Office Building.

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