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Cortland County Health Dept. Tests Response to Mass Medication Deployment

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The Cortland County Health Department held a drill yesterday to test the agency’s ability to quickly distribute large quantities of medication to the community during an emergency.

From 1to 3pm yesterday, the health department and volunteers handed out candy meant to simulate antibiotics. Over the course of the drill, they served nearly 170 people.

County Health Director Kathy Fuerherm says the drill is part of ongoing preparedness training and was meant to test the agency’s protocols and ability to meet public health needs in the event of a widespread outbreak.

The drill featured screening areas to determine if patients were suffering from signs of illness if so they were directed to another area to minimize exposure while others were brought in and administered the medication.

In the past, the county has done table top exercises to train. Some level of preparedness training is mandated by the state. The health department expanded the program to test local resources.

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