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Cortland County Clerk Says State DMV Notice is Misleading

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The Cortland County Clerk is advising DMV customers to ignore a misleading notice from the state.

Many residents in surrounding counties have received a notice from the state DMV saying that their license or auto registration can only renew by mail or online.

Cortland County Clerk Elizabeth Larkin says the wording in the notice is confusing. There is no reason motorists can’t come to the local DMV office and in fact she encourages they do so.

Larkin says when you bring your DMV transactions to the local office the county retains nearly 13% of the fees. That helps maintain the local DMV office but also provides money for other local services as well.

State DMV officials say the notice was sent out to encourage more transactions be done on-line to improve customer service. 75% of license and registration renewals are done on-line already. The state keeps 100% of the fees from on-line transactions.

Larkin points out that her office spends a good deal of time correcting mistakes made during on-line DMV transactions. Larkin says the on-line transactions also present a risk for identity theft if users aren’t careful.

Larkin who heads up the State Clerks Association has put forth a bill to allow counties to retain up 25% of the funds collected at local DMV offices to offset the cost of no fee transactions. The measure passed the Senate but did not make it through the Assembly.

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