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Cortland City Mayor Tobin Releases Statement On County Sales Tax Distribution Proposal

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A proposal unanimously passed the Cortland County budget/finance committee meeting on Tuesday to move the latest sales tax distribution proposal to the full legislative special meeting scheduled for this Thursday at 6pm.

Cortland City Mayor, Brian Tobin expressed his opposition to the proposal because of its impact on the city’s budget.

Tobin declared in a statement that his primary objection is that it puts away money for future projects by taking money from current services like police and fire.

A million dollars to go to the jail- when there is no current plan to move forward. $200,000 to go to the land for the radio towers (cost is $191,000)- it was stated in an email that the revenue from leasing on the towers ($37,000/year) is currently going into a maintenance account- at the committee of the whole, it was stated that it is going into the general fund. I’m still not clear what the other $300,000 goes towards, I believe worker’s comp costs- even though there is another committee working on worker’s comp, and I do not believe this was a recommendation from that committee. In 2017 the City received $5,056,080 of the $28.8 million that came into the county. This agreement would cut the city’s share to $4,861,478 (-$194,602). So over 5 years, a net loss of $973,010. The second 5 years, a loss of $295,940/year, or $1,479,700 over 5 years.

Mayor Tobin is asking for support at Thursday’s meetings to change the agreement to have less of an impact on the city budget.

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