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Cortland City Council Acts On Several “Green” Items

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Cortland City Council took action on several items that could make the city more “green.”

downtown cortlandPerhaps most notable was the hiring of a consultant, Syracuse’s Fisher Associated, to study what it would take – and whether it makes sense – to revert to two-way traffic in the central Main Street business district. The city received a grant for the research.

Alderman Gary Thomas reminded his colleagues the council’s been here before.

“I sat on this body a few years ago when we redid Main Street and put in the juts that come out and when we did that it was clear then that we were kissing bye-bye to ever being two-way.”

Educating the public about any benefits of changing the traffic pattern is expected to be a big part of the change, should it occur.

Council also approved:

  • Buying 15 new video surveillance cameras for Main Street, under the police department budget. Half will go up this fall.
  • Applying for a $500,000 grant to replace the bathhouse at the newly renovated Wickwire Pool.

    Wickwire Pool Bathhouse at Suggett Park

    Wickwire Pool Bathhouse at Suggett Park

  • Accepting a $2-million grant for a methane gas to electricity converter for the Waste Water plant.
  • Applying for up to a $500,000 grant for a new pedestrian bridge over the Tioghnioga River. It would be placed behind the Hampton Inn, leading to Yaman Park, one segment of a bike trail and greenspace to connect city parks.
  • Setting August 16 as the date for a public hearing on an addition to the Local Law on Rental Permits that would require a sign attached to rental properties with information about the owner.

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