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Cornell Researchers Find Wild Bees Are Effective Orchard Pollinator

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Researchers at the Cornell orchards have found that wild bees are just as effective at pollinating as honey bees.

Cornell Orchards, farmers may have found a cost-effective way to pollinate apple trees without the help of honey bees.

Apple growers purchase honey bees and use them to pollinate the apple trees. However, many bee colonies are dying off due to a mysterious condition known as colony collapse disorder. The problem has huge impacts on the world’s food supply which depends on pollinating bees.

This spring, farmers with Cornell Orchards relied solely on the wild bees to do the work.

The wild bee population met the demand sufficiently and pollinated the apple trees this year.

Several orchards operators are now moving toward this method to help cut costs.

Cornell Orchards’ apple crop is expected to be only slightly less than last season.

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