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Congresswoman Tenney Visits Cortland

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Congresswoman Claudia Tenney shared breakfast with business leaders and the County Chamber of Commerce Tuesday morning.

“On the Healthcare Bill, it’s not perfect but it’s a first step.”

X101’s John Eves also asked for Tenney’s thoughts on the federal budget proposal.

“I don’t like that it doesn’t protect our social services in our communities where we have a struggling economy,” said Tenney. “I like that we’re going to try to cut the deficit, there’s some positives about it. I like that we’re increasing military spending and on important infrastructure issues that we need in the military.”

Tenney admitted there are parts of the newly proposed federal budget she hopes will change.

“I don’t like the cuts. I outlined several of the cuts that were to our social services program and education which are really important for our communities. A lot of things that protect seniors, HEAP, TRIO and workforce grants, rural water development, Community Development Block Grants…those I’m worried about.”


Protestors across the street from the Cortland Ramada.

Tenney told X101 she hopes the President can get the economy growing as a first step toward cutting spending.


“We should start growing. Then we can look at ways that we can start shaving and gradually getting people into the workforce. You can’t just take people’s benefits away from them and then say here, find a job when there isn’t a job.”

Protestors greeted her outside the Cortland Ramada.

Tenney spoke to Chamber members and took a few questions.

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