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Congressional Candidate Phillips Talks Money

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One of the Republican hopefuls in the June 28 primary to succeed Richard Hanna in Congress, George Phillips, met with reporters Wednesday in Binghamton.

Among the positions he is advocating in his campaign is a return to the gold standard for our money.

“It would lead to more stable policies on the national level, less micro-managing by the Federal Reserve, more prosperity, and certainty for entrepreneurs and small businesses and we think more prosperity for all Americans.”

Phillips, who is a history teacher in Endwell Schools, reminds us President Nixon took the U.S. off the gold standard in 1971.Phillips Congress sign

“That would give us stability across the board. It would help prevent the Chinese so-called “currency manipulation” and again, just the overreaching hand of the Federal Reserve trying to do too much and damaging the economy as they’ve done time and time again.”

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