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College Students at Risk For Identity Theft When Purchasing Fake I-D’s

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With college students returning to class, the state is warning students about purchasing fake IDs.

State DMV officials say not only are fake-ID’s illegal, but purchasing a fake license on-line increases the chance of becoming a victim of identify fraud.

Students anxious to get into bars or purchase alcohol will give identity thieves a trove of personal information including name, address, Social Security number, and date of birth.

Criminals can then open new lines of credit, take money from banks and retirement accounts, get a job, file false tax returns, and even seek medical attention using the victim’s name and credit. The consequences can ruin a student’s credit and wreak havoc on their life.

A 2014 federal report shows 18 percent of identity theft victims were ages 20 to 29; about six percent were 19 years old or younger. These age groups are less likely to regularly track bank account and credit card activity, pay for identity theft monitoring services, and use discretion when sharing information on social media, making them more susceptible to identity theft than any other age group.

The DMV is also working with local police and conducting sting operations to catch students with fake ID’s.

Earlier this year, Cortland police ticketed 70 people for possessing fake I-D’s in two separate enforcements efforts.

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