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Code Errors Found As Village Reviews Water And Sewer Bills

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Hal McCabe, Mayor of Homer

Homer Mayor Hal McCabe says no one’s sure for how long there has been a problem with codes on some water and sewer meters in the village.

The result is that some meters had the wrong codes, generating incorrect billing for some residential and business customers.

McCabe cites this example: A customer is billed 8,000-gallons when they used 80,000, “…and unfortunately, our water and sewer department has been operating at a deficit for the last few years and we’ve been supplementing that with taxpayer money. But that’s not really fair to the residents because it should be a usage-based system.”

Again, correcting the code errors will mean larger bills for some residents and businesses. “However, we’re not gonna go back and seek the money that we were owed from before. We’re gonna let that go, but we needed to fix this to make it fairer. The taxpayers shouldn’t be bearing the burden of use from other people.”

If you have questions, Mayor McCabe suggests a call to the village office to speak with Kristen Case.

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