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City will return “most” furloughed workers July 31

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Most of the 18 city employees furloughed in April will return to work at the end of this month, with the rest expected to do so in mid-August, confirmed last night by a unanimous vote from Cortland Common Council.

Details were not yet available on exactly which departments will be replenished first.

The affected workers have been off-duty since they were temporarily laid off in a series of cuts made to address an estimated one million dollar revenue loss caused by the impacts of COVID-19.

Mayor Brian Tobin said the decisions so far have been tough but necessary, given the lack of state and federal support to help the city endure the times.

“Legislation has supported our local businesses and nonprofits with grants and larger cities have even been afforded funding through this federal process,” Tobin said. “Unfortunately, the city of Cortland did not qualify for assistance and at this point it’s not been scheduled for that to change.”

While the anticipated deficit has improved, city leaders say the next budget is still estimated to be several hundred thousand dollars short.

Additional furloughs in the area from April included 57 county employees and seven in the village of Homer.

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