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City Man Charged after Road Rage Accident with 1-Year-Old in his Car

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A Cortland man was arrested Thursday (February 13) night following an extended altercation with another man that led him to commit an act of road rage with a one-year-old passenger in his vehicle.

City Police were called to South Pendleton Street just past 9 pm and say 30 year-old James Wright, of Bartlett Avenue, had been trying to start a fight for several hours with a 28-year-old man over an unknown dispute.

Wright later spotted the man in a car and began chasing him in his own vehicle, with his one year-old daughter in the back seat.

Investigators say Wright then sped down the wrong side of a street and pulled up alongside the 28 year old man, swerving hard into his vehicle and causing it to leave the roadway and travel over a sidewalk, breaking a tire in the process.

Wright then reportedly pulled a crowbar from his vehicle and approached the man’s disabled vehicle, which he had locked at this point to prevent outside entry.

The man told police Wright proceeded to use the crowbar to scratch his window while telling him he was going to take his head off.

They arrived soon afterwards and were able to apprehend Wright without further incident.

No one was injured in the incident.

Wright was hit with several charges, including a felony for criminal possession of a weapon, along with several misdemeanors and violations.

He was remanded to Cortland County Jail without bail to appear on March 11.

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