Cincinnatus fireman recovering at St. Joe’s from sudden health emergency

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A member of the Cincinnatus Fire Department is recovering at St. Joseph’s Hospital, after suffering an unexpected medical emergency last week.

Cincy FD chief Richard Roberts issued the following details about the incident on Facebook:

“On Wednesday May 26 the Cincinnatus Ambulance responded to a medical emergency call at the home of our second assistant chief. During transport the patient condition deteriorated.

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Assistance was called for and the Cortland Fire Department and John Hutchinson from MAVAC/TLC showed up to answer the call for assistance. After getting onboard, the patient was transported to Guthrie Cortland Medical Center, where care was transferred to the ER staff.

The patient was stabilized and arrangements were made to transfer him to St Joseph’s Hospital. During this time, the crew of the ambulance stood by waiting to take the patient to St Joe’s. At this time ,the patient has a long road ahead of him.

Prayers are needed for a brother firefighter.”

Roberts went on to say:

“As the Fire Chief of the Cincinnatus Fire Department, I would like to take the time to thank everyone involved.

To the ambulance crew that started this journey and saw it through to the end getting our brother fire fighter to St Joe’s to get the definitive care he needed; also to the crews from the Cortland Fire Department for their assistance in our time of need.

To John Hutchinson from TLC & MAVAC, the staff at Guthrie Medical Center, TLC ambulance for their kind and caring support for the crew at the hospital while they were waiting to transfer the patient. To the members of the Cincinnatus Fire Department that stood by at the station and for all the thoughts and prayers offered by the membership.

As the Chief of this great organization I can’t thank everyone enough for all they did. Continued support and prayers for our brother firefighter and his family are needed.” 

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