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Bruce Springsteen & Little Steven Mobbed At NYC Steakhouse

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Bruce Springsteen and Steve Van Zandt tried to enjoy a simple lunch out in New York City and ended up getting mobbed by fans. The New York Daily News reported the pair of E Streeters were dining together at Old Homestead Steakhouse late on Thursday afternoon (December 14th) and caused “a near riot” when they left. According to a witness, “Staff had to do everything it could to keep holiday revelers from mobbing the icons. . . It took them 10 minutes to leave the restaurant because as they made their way toward the exit, they paused and smiled for everyone who wanted to snap a photo.

The rockers reportedly shared surf and turf and were heard “discussing politics for a while, then Van Zandt talked about his upcoming policeman’s ball at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel. That benefit, which raises money for the Detectives’ Endowment Association Widows and Children’s Fund, annually attracts Van Zandt pals — including (E Street Band drummer) Max Weinberg and former Sopranos co-stars Tony Sirico and Vincent Pastore.”

Upon leaving the restaurant’s owner, Greg Sherry — a contributor to the policeman’s ball — gifted the rockers a set of steak knives and a bottle of the eatery’s secret steak sauce.

Steve Van Zandt explained to us that despite being Bruce Springsteen’s deputy in the E Street Band, he’s actually “The Boss'” biggest fan on Earth — and proud to lend his voice to his worldwide legion of followers: “I’m always gonna be, y’know, the consigliere — I can’t help it, OK? Y’know, and when called upon, y’know, I always have an opinion, OK? And my opinion is always going to be bringing things towards what I feel the fans want. That’s just me. Y’know, I’m a fan first, I guess — a band guy second, really.” , heard the record and gave me his blessing.”

Little Steven And The Disciples Of Soul will next perform on December 20th at Brooklyn, New York’s Brooklyn Bow at the First Annual Holiday Bowl a Go Go!

Photo Courtesy of Danny Clinch

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