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Brian May Praises Freddie Mercury’s Vocals On Queen’s Christmas Song

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Queen guitarist Brian May has opened up about Freddie May’s vocals on the band’s 1984 Christmas song “Thank God Its Christmas.” In an interview with Ultimate Classic Rock, May told the story of the song’s creation. He said, “Christmas songs are always recorded in the middle of July. You have to, to get them ready in time.”

He continued, “This was Roger Taylor’s composition, mainly, except he didn’t have a chorus. So I contributed the chorus and we worked on it together, to cut a long story short. And then, when it was almost finished, we presented it to Freddie, who loved it and did a beautiful vocal. I think it’s just the most understated vocal, and I love it, you know.”

The song was released in November 1984 and only got as high as no. 21 in the UK. It was released at the same time as Band Aid’s successful charity song “Do They Know It’s Christmas.” May explained why he think the song wasn’t that successful, saying, “The funny thing is, it doesn’t get that much attention in Britain as a Christmas single, because it doesn’t have a video. Everything’s about video these days and we never made a video for that song. It’s all in your mind. But I’m very fond of it. I think it’s a very different kind of Christmas song.”

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